I'm a ArmA 2 player, that have been playing this quite entertaining game for quite some time now, and decided perhaps its time to find people to join up with so now I am looking into joining a active, friendly and especially fun clan. Some may know me from the TV 2 - WarFare and TV 2 - Players Choise, where I play almost daily.
I have only had experience with one Clan, I used to fly helicopters for the VI Clan under a different nickname but I was never a offical member of the clan itself.
I speak Danish and English very well.

What I can bring to the clan:
+I'm a very experienced pilot who can fly any and all helicopters of both the attack and transport kind, I can make them dance in the air. My prefered flying style is right below, or at the +very top of the treelines and rarely go above 30 meters if I can help it.
+Also I am fairly good at stealth, CQB and ambushes as a infantry with almost any weapon besides the long-range sniper rifles.
+I am mature, I prefer not to let my age go out on a public forum but I do assure that I am above the adult limit.
+I'm a loyal player, I can take orders from higher command without question and alter these to needed for the current situtation.
+I can drive any and all vehicles, be the gunner of every turret and fairly good at commanding tanks.
+Have access to micophone plus Teamspeak, Ventrillo and Skype for communication and also prefer useing it rather than typing.
+Can command squardons of AI.
+A fairly good commander in the WarFare.

-Prefer to stay airborn.
-Can not pilot any jets.
-Can be a tad stubborn at times.
-Accuracy on longer ranges may be slightly twitchy.

If this interests your clan, please send me a PM for further information.