The 75th Ranger Regiment is a Unit based on the U.S Army Ranger Regiment.
We are looking for players from All over the world

We are #1 in Military Realism in both Americas Army, Armed Assault and Call Of Duty 4.
We try to organize our Unit set up and improve our gaming skills by using a system very similar to the U.S. Armed Forces.

That is why we are participate in TWL and ClanBase
We use Real Life Military Tactics, adjusted to gaming of course,
which are tought by REAL LIFE Soldiers from the U.S. Army and even from the U.S. Special Forces.
If you are interested, contact me on Xfire: 4heatherlia
or visit our website:

Although this post is aimed to recruit for all games that we play, for players all across the world, I would like to put a main focus on Call of Duty 4 players from within the Eastern Hemisphere as we are looking to increase our Eastern Hemisphere COD4 squad into atleast two Fire Teams.

See you on the battlefield!