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> Ghost Recon Future Soldier, The best "new-er" teamplay game?
post 4 Mar 2013, 13:18
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ok, ghost recon. "sniper game", right? not anymore. I bought my copy of it from steam for €20. I thought iwould give it a try, i can buy games for 20. almost any game is worth that.. at least i think. ;p

OK, first thing first, I want to start to say, its a game that gives you opportunity to do good team play. And if you do, you are rewarded utterly. With both, xp, game feeling and wins. and thats great!

When you first start the game, you get this screen "pres any button to continue". gives me a clue... ahh.. console port. And that gives you a little hint of what to expect, and lowering my demands immediately towards the game.
All the meny system is fucked for mouse pointing. There are even buttons that doesnt make sense. And it shows clearly that its a console game. Some part of the meny is so bad, that you can use ours to just find out how to join a group.
Anyway, even though the meny suck. There is a lot of configuration to the weapons. Like: trigger, gas-system, barrel, sight, attachment, gun-stock ++ and it gives you a great way to design the weapon like you want it. with rounds pr min. recoil, accuracy etc. You can also add equipment to your soldier. And you can even add red-dot-sight on the pistol. all this is unlockable, and you get one unlock point each level.

You can chose between 3 classes. Sniper, Assault and Engineer. Everyone with pros and cons.
Sniper get invisible when "camping". Assault can handle a bit for bullet fire, and can heal himself and give ammo and life. And engineer can do objective faster. this is some of the pros, i will not go to deep into this.

The gameplay. Well, joining a server is not easy, cause there are none. Its peer to peer. and it takes time, and trial and failure to make it work. And also, you cant switch side when you are assign to a team, you must stick to it. There are no option what so ever to chose side. When you finally have loaded the game, and is online, the fun starts... And i said the fun.
Its a great game. A part from the POW is 3rd person and 1st person when scooping. That gives you a little bit of trouble in the start, but when you master it, it doesnt matter. The game is great. And after all the fighting in the meny you might have lowered your demands a bit. But its no need to. its a great team play game, and its all about taking cover in right places. it also gives you a huge advantage if you communicate with your team mates. Because you die pretty easy, compared to cod and bf. you also need to tell when you are down, and where the shots where fired from. Aslo you must communicate to agree about the cover positions you take when defending or attacking objectives.
The game is based a bit on both free movement, and fixed movement. If you press space, you can interact with walls and cover. like hiding or something, and if you are already interacting with a wall you can press "scoppe" to stick your head out and fire, from the cover. And as the game is in 3rd person, you will have total control of whats happening from your cover. you can stop interacting with cover mode, when you press space again, or you can chose a "waypoint", but aiming at another cover point. that be a corner, a leap, edge, car what ever... and press "shift" and the character will automatically run as fast as the wind, to take the new cover position. It works great, and there is nothing, really ingame that makes me annoyed or angry. Or if you dont count the kill cam. Cause according to the killcam, you never get hit but the opponent... Bad coding or something, they should remove it ;p

The gameplay online is more like, get to that objective, activate the sensor. Defend it for 2mins. Kill one of the member of the other team, that have intercepted important data etc. you see picture. It gives a good opportunity to camp and do some great teamplay, as you move forward thru the battlefield finding new cover all the time.

You should try the game.

Ghost recon is a good game, and worth at least €20. I think its even worth more, and if you are able to see thru the meny system. its great
the meny is suffering from they have add buttons to press in the bottom of the screen, instead of pressing X Y A B on xbox. they have added chose class chose faction etc. instead. so many of the meny doesnt support clicking directly on it, like you would be used to.

buy it and enjoy it, and when you get into a server. NEVER LEAVE grin.png

i would give it a score 5/10 meny is the big drawback. and the free-running, your character runs with his arms up, like a little girl in the playground ;p


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